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The importance of being able to speak and understand English well cannot be underestimated. English has increasingly become the lingua franca used between speakers whose native languages are different. When one travels abroad and is unfamiliar with the native tongue, it is highly likely that the individual will use English in order to communicate their needs. In addition, it is now commonplace for many employers to clearly state in their job adverts that only applicants with a good knowledge of English are required. This has placed added pressure on individuals to improve their fluency in English.
Research in linguistics has long dismissed the age-old assumption that acquiring an accomplished grammatical knowledge of a language is the be-all and end-all of language learning (Krashen 1985). It is still commonplace, however, to find individuals who have studied English for numerous years, and yet, lack basic communicative skills in the language. Many individuals have frequently to interrupt what they are saying in order to come up with an appropriate word or phrase. It is only through increasing exposure to authentic spoken language use that one can hope to succeed in accomplishing something approaching the normal speed and spontaneity of mother tongue fluency.
The material covered in this book covers many general and professional situations in which English is used. It is, therefore, suitable for those currently in employment and individuals who are about to enter the workforce. There are a total of twenty units, all containing a spoken language task. Many units also possess useful language phrases related to the topic. The tasks should take no longer than about an hour to complete and they all involve either pair or group work activities. An attempt has been made to make the tasks as authentic as possible by establishing real-life contexts in which individuals are genuinely likely to use English. Many of the spoken tasks offer learners an opportunity to improve their ability to convey information, provide opinions and personal attitudes. Learners are additionally presented with situations that help improve their ability to express emotions. The content is based on criteria outlined in the Common European Framework and the level of material covered is suitable for students at, or above, B2 level English.

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  • 18 febbraio 2019
    Casa Fogliani - Tutte le novità in arrivo sulla sede di Milano

    Tante novità in arrivo sulla sede di Milano: non perdere le iniziative e le promozioni dello shop di Casa Fogliani.

  • 14 febbraio 2019
    Roma - La ristorazione sta cambiando volto

    Sono iniziati i lavori per il rinnovo dei servizi ristorativi gestiti da EDUCatt nella sede romana dell´Ateneo. Nei prossimi mesi verranno introdotte una serie di novità che riguarderanno gran parte delle strutture destinate ai break e alla pausa pranzo

  • 05 febbraio 2019
    MyAcademicID - Kick-off meeting

    EDUCatt torna protagonista di un progetto europeo, My AcademicID, in qualità di coordinatore delle attività di comunicazione e disseminazione. 

  • 25 gennaio 2019
    Giornata della memoria ? Contro il razzismo

    In occasione della Giornata della Memoria EDUCatt promuove un'iniziativa di sensibilizzazione nella sede di Milano per educare a una memoria consapevole anche tra i chiostri dell'Università.