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La copertinaCONTI CAMAIORA L. (A CURA, ENGLISH TRAVELLERS & TRAVELLING, 2002, 236 pp., Euro 12,5

The essays gathered together in this volume are the papers presented at a conference on "English Travellers and Travelling", held at the Catholic University of Milan on 16th May 2001. The conference itself was organised to make public some of the results of an on-going research project on "Travel in the English-Speaking World", carried out under my supervision within the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the same Catholic University. The success of the conference led to the decision to make some of the papers available in printed form in this volume.
The research group is characterised by the variety of its methodological approaches as also by the range of interests of its components; in this, the group may be said to reflect the vastness of approaches towards travel literature in general and the richness of the travel theme in particular.
In the essays here presented some of the multifarious aspects of travel, as they emerge from travellers and travelling, will be found: travel as culture, as formative influence, as search for knowledge, as fashion, as subject of parody, as emotive and literary paradigm, as exploration of the extraneous, as assimilation of the diverse, as existential testing-ground, as self-analysis and self-investigation, as imaginative venture, as quest for individuality, as remedy for the loss of identity, as recovery of the self. Furthermore, the essays explore the travel motif across time, from past centuries to the present, across space, through the wide compass of the English-speaking world, and across the literary canon, from traditional, classic texts to the new proposals of the literatures in English.
It is therefore with pleasure that I now set this volume off on its own specific form of travel, hoping that it will have a happy journey into the hands, and a safe arrival into the appreciation of its readers.

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